LA Traffic Court: 3 Steps To Getting Your License Back

LA Traffic Court: 3 Steps To Getting Your License Back

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If you have a case in LA traffic court and you got an LA Failure to Appear, try not to sweat bullets over it. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but at least I can teach you how to get your driver’s license back NOW.

To make things easy, I’ve broken it down into 3 basic steps:

STEP #1: Set a traffic court date with GC Services. You want to watch out for GC Services – they are sneaky-sneaky. They would rather take your money instead of  have you fight your ticket in LA traffic court, because if you fight it, they won’t get paid for collecting money from you. If you pay GC Services:

1) you’ll get convicted of all counts on your traffic ticket;
2) you’ll get a MISDEMEANOR failure to appear charge on your record;
3) you won’t be able to argue with the judge or officer on the amount you pay on the ticket;
4) you won’t be able to get a dismissal of your ticket; and
5) you’ll have to pay GC Services extra money because they get a collections fee.

Only pay GC Services if you have a failure to pay rather than a failure to appear. If you have a failure to pay, you’ve already been found guilty by the LA traffic court. If you have a failure to appear, you can calendar a court date with GC Services and proceed to step #2.

Please Contact Me if you’d like me to handle this step for you, because GC Services can be intimidating and weasel you out of money that you shouldn’t pay – but don’t worry, I know all of their tricks!

STEP #2: Purchase an abstract from the court clerk. Once you set a court date with GC Services, you’ll have to wait in another line to see the traffic court clerk and buy an abstract (they cost $10). An abstract will clear the hold the DMV has put on your license.

Please Contact Me if you’d like me to handle this step for you, because if you happen to have 2 or more failures to appear on a single case, often the court will not grant an abstract. Not to fear, I know a few tricks to get your license clear even when you have two or more failures to appear on an LA traffic ticket.

STEP #3: Get your license reinstated with the DMV. It can take up to 48 hours after you’ve purchased the abstract for your hold to clear with the DMV. Once it clears, you can get your California driver’s license reinstated by going to the DMV and paying a $55 reinstatement fee.

You can call the DMV at 916-657-6525 before going there in person to make sure the hold has cleared. If you reside outside of California, but an LA traffic ticket is holding your license up in your home state, then you can call 916-657-6525 and pay the $55 reinstatement fee over the phone (even if you don’t want a California license, you’ll have to do this final step to get the hold cleared).

You can do it all yourself if you wish, or you can Contact Me to get it done for you. An added bonus of hiring me is, not only will I get your license clear, but I’ll fight your LA traffic ticket in traffic court as well.


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