California Criminal Laws

California Criminal Laws

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Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest Post ByChristopher J McCann an experienced DUI attorney in Orange County. This guest post gives you an intro to California criminal laws.

Criminal laws in America are the same throughout most states. Although California State follows the same laws, there are some procedural and substantive differences in the way the crimes are prosecuted. According to California criminal laws, crimes can lead to penalties such as a death sentence, removal from office, fines and imprisonment. A criminal conviction may also leave one disqualified from holding any office of honor, profit or trust in California. The state of California recognizes three types of crimes.

These are minor crimes that cannot lead to imprisonment. Sometimes infractions are not considered to be crimes at all. However, a person convicted of infraction may face fines, removal from office and also may face a disqualification from holding a public office. An example of an infraction is breaking traffic rules and violation of packing rules. These crimes may be heard in non-judge courts such as a magistrate court.

These are serious crimes that fall between infractions and felony. A person found guilty of misdemeanors may face an imprisonment for such a period that does not exceed one year. He may also face other penalties such as fines. Unless otherwise stated by the law, misdemeanors convicts usually face a jail term for a period that does not exceed 6 month, a monetary fine of not more than $1000 or both. However, it is worth noting that there are some misdemeanors that attract a penalty that exceeds what has been listed in the penal code.

Felonies are very serious crimes that are punishable through imprisonment in a state prison and sometimes death. In some instances, a felony convict in California may be granted probation. In such a case, the court will lay out certain conditions before probation can be granted. Such conditions may include a one year jail term in a county prison, restitution to the victims, monetary fines and so on. Examples of felony include murder, raping, arson, terrorism, robbery and so on.

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