Protecting Yourself Against False Charges of Domestic Violence

Protecting Yourself Against False Charges of Domestic Violence

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Being charged with Domestic Violence can have devastating consequences on you and your family.  False allegations of domestic violence usually arise when a couple is going through a bitter divorce or contested child custody proceeding.  In California, family law courts will consider domestic violence convictions in determining which parent receives primary custody.  More importantly, a domestic violence restraining order (CLETS) may result in the restrained party being denied entry into their residence and access to their children.  Having an aggressive and experienced attorney on your side from the start is a must.

Here are a few tips on protecting yourself against false allegations of domestic violence:

1. Have an exit plan in case the other party becomes physicaly hostile.

2. Have your keys with you and your most important belongings ready to go before the conflict arises.

3. Keep emergency money ready and available in case you need somewhere to stay.

4. Call an experienced domestic violence lawyer immediately

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