California Criminal Laws

Guest Post By: Christopher J McCann an experienced DUI attorney in Orange County. This guest post gives you an intro to California criminal laws. Criminal laws in America are the same throughout most states. Although California State follows the same laws, there are some procedural and substantive differences in the way the crimes are prosecuted. According to […]

Protecting Yourself Against False Charges of Domestic Violence

Being charged with Domestic Violence can have devastating consequences on you and your family.  False allegations of domestic violence usually arise when a couple is going through a bitter divorce or contested child custody proceeding.  In California, family law courts will consider domestic violence convictions in determining which parent receives primary custody.  More importantly, a domestic violence restraining order (CLETS) […]

Southern California DUI Checkpoints

Understanding the 8 factors for illegal arrests at Southern California DUI Checkpoints More often than not, policy agencies throughout California use random DUI checkpoints. They use the check-points to stop and arrest motorists suspected to be driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. You may not be aware but there are laws that […]

Los Angeles Criminal Courts …..Simplified

Criminal courts can be intimidating and unfamiliar to many people.  In fact, the closest many people have gotten to a criminal courtroom is through television. In criminal courts each side is generally represented by a lawyer.  The prosecutor is usually a City Attorney or District Attorney.  The criminal defendant is usually represented by a lawyer from […]

Arrested for DUI Now What? Get California DUI Help!

What’s next after being arrested for DUI in California?  If you are arrested for DUI for the first time, you are most likely not going to be jailed. Typically you can only get jailed if you have been arrested multiples of times. The first thing you need to do when you are arrested is to get your […]

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