Southern California DUI Checkpoints

Southern California DUI Checkpoints

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Understanding the 8 factors for illegal arrests at Southern California DUI Checkpoints

More often than not, policy agencies throughout California use random DUI checkpoints. They use the check-points to stop and arrest motorists suspected to be driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. You may not be aware but there are laws that dictate the set up and running of the DUI checkpoints. If the police do not follow these laws, then the checkpoint is illegal.



Here is a list of 8 factors considered in setting up of DUI checkpoints.

1. Establishment of the checkpoints is done by supervisory police officers.
2. A neutral mathematical formula is used to stop drivers. For example every second, fifth or seventh driver should stop.
3. The roadblocks should be clearly visible.
4. Location of the roadblocks is regulated.
5. Safety for motorists and officers is given first priority.
6. Drivers are to be detained for short periods enough for interrogation and reading signs of intoxication.
7. The public should be informed of the checkpoints well in advance.
8. Drivers avoiding the roadblocks should not be pursued or stopped.

If you were arrested at a Southern California DUI checkpoint. This guest post may just help you uncover your defense in helping you to prove that it was an illegal checkpoint beyond having a poor field sobriety test.

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Christopher J McCann is a Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney serving Southern California, including Orange County and Los Angeles County. Mr. McCann has 12 years of experience related to DUI criminal defense topics and has contributed to several online media publications. Follow his tweets at @CJM_Law_Firm

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